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Operator Maintenance


Job Description

Position Summary: Primarily responsible to operate automatic stamping press equipment from the initial step of loading raw material and die into a press through the finished stamped product.


Must be able to develop a working knowledge of presses and be able to demonstrate same by diagnosing minor problems with the mechanical operation of the press.

Must be able to operate and maintain a permit in powered industrial truck and overhead crane

Must have understanding of SPC charts, Median range, and X-bar charts and be able to operate, read, and understand gauges

Position Responsibilities / Essential Job Function

Set and maintain dies in the press using hand and pneumatic tools. Set secondary equipment such as de-coilers, reels, flatteners, shoots, conveyors, etc. to move scrap and/or parts and/or adjust light curtains or other safety devices for appropriate job.

Ability to monitor press while in operation including but not limited to checking levels of material, dumping scrap, removing and replacing finished part containers.

Operate press and other equipment in a safe and efficient manner. Maintain a safe and clean work environment.

Must be able to read and interpret precision inspection gauges and fixtures. Visually inspect parts and use of various types of gauges to monitor quality of parts being produced. Follow operator instruction sheets for specifications to produce quality parts. May have to sort if found defective. Responsible for quality of work performed including set-up and production of parts.

Candidates must possess the ability to operate fork truck and/or crane to unload steel coils from semi-truck, to steel warehouse, to de-coiler at press. Must be able to load steel, cut banding, operate palm/hand controls, lift and place clamps on de-coilers. Must be able to operate fork truck to remove scrap, dump scrap, move containers of product, and move dies.

Must participate in continuous improvement efforts and adhere to the Company’s quality and environmental policies.

Use scanning equipment for inventory control and processing of production. Responsible for meeting standards set by management, completing paperwork or other company records.